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Q1. Is my order and purchase secure?
Q2. How can I know whether my order is processed successfully?
Q3. What can I get after my registration afterwards?
Q4. Can I order without using a credit card?
Q5. What currency can you accept?
Q6. Can I cancel my order after placing it?
Q7. How to remove the product in my cart before payment?
Q8. How to fix the issue with purchasing the wrong software?
Q9. After registration, it keeps saying my registration is invalid. What can I do?
Q10. What is your refund policy?
How to Reach our Technical Support?
Once you face with any technical questions in the process of using Adoreshare software, please feel free to contact us. We'll help to solve the problem for you asap. Usually you will get the answer within 24 hours in working days.
Please submit the following information in your e-mail:
1. Which operating system do you run?
2. Where and when have you purchased our software?
3. What is the number of your Order ID?
4. Did you receive an error message? If yes what exactly does it read?
5. Can the problem be duplicated?
6. If possible, attach a screenshot.

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